RM Financial Advisors - D Phillips, CFP® President at R&M Financial Advisors LLC - Beware Of These Annuity Scam Arti


I wish I had known that Phillips and Lovelady just had changed their company name and are running the same old scam as The Veteran Plan LLC but, this time targeting and ripping of veterans. Beware these guys are crooks and thieves|.

A Logansport law firm has filed a class-action lawsuit against an Indianapolis company that the state’s highest court last year determined engaged in the Unauthorized Practice of Law, suing on behalf of thousands of residents for what attorneys estimate could be $10 million to $20 million in damages".

The company is the subject of a UPL case brought by the Indiana State Bar Association in late 2008 and ruled on by the state justices in April 2010". The court decided the company was illegally practicing law in what has been described as a trust mill for preparing and selling estate planning documents and services to people?.

http://www|.theindianalawyer".com/law-firm-files 14cd119

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